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A career that will utilize my training as a computer scientist.

Education (Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, May 2003. Dean’s List for all eligible semesters, and maintained a 3.93 GPA in all computer science courses. Courses included operating systems architecture, networks, algorithms, and programming languages.

Primary Work Experience

Software Design Engineer, Microsoft (2003-Present)

I was hired to Microsoft as a Developer working on an application called threedegrees, which was a social application that helped people hang out online together. It was built on the windows P2P networking framework, and one of the first real IPv6 applications. I wrote a new “edit text” element for our UI framework (GLEAM) using RichEdit as a base, mostly rewrote the winks feature to not use GDI+, and started implementing a group folder feature. Before release, the ideas and people behind threedegrees moved into the MSN Messenger team.

For MSN Messenger 7.0, I was responsible for winks (including embedding Macromedia Flash in DUI), the structure of our single-click installation packages, and a security feature that allows us to dynamically disable client features to prevent the spread of a virus or exploit on the Messenger network. In Messenger 8.0, I worked on the platform components for the Sharing Folders feature, which enabled two-way automatic synchronization of files between contacts.

I switched to the Find My Stuff team in January 2006, and became the sole developer focused on the UI for Windows Desktop Search 3.0 and 3.01. In prior releases, WDS was a per-user process that ran as a tray icon, indexing the user’s documents and email. WDS 3.0 completely changed the underlying architecture – it is now a system service that indexes all documents and mail for all users of the system. In November 2006, the Find My Stuff team merged with the Windows Experience Find and Organize team, responsible for the search functionality in Windows 7.

Interim Engineering Intern, Qualcomm Incorporated (Summer 2001 & 2002)

I designed, developed, and implemented LDAP metadata browser for Qualcomm developers to document custom schema definitions using Apache Cocoon and Java servlets. I also worked on the maintenance, design, and implementation of Qualcomm’s in-house custom enterprise-wide UNIX configuration management system.

Technical Skill Set

Proficiencies: C++, COM/ATL, Win32 Shell

Interests: Usability, UI frameworks, Embedded scripting languages (Javascript, Ruby, Python)


Available upon request.

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