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Paul Paradise

Weekend Update

So I’ve skipped a huge swath of my life in this blog (most of moving, getting an apartment, moving in, getting furniture, etc.) but for the time being I don’t feel like taking the time to write all of those details out. So instead, you get a jump to present day, with a good summary of the last few days.

Friday night I went with Jason, Erica, and Aarthi (all coworkers – compatriates on the Netgen dev team) to see The Battle of Shaker Heights – it’s the Project Greenlight winner, produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. It was actually one of my favorite movies this year, and I was actually surprised at how good it was. Film studios need to throw more money towards films like this. It wasn’t a Matrix, but it probably cost a lot less to produce than the Matrix did.

After the movie we lost Aarthi for the evening and regrouped at the Rendezvous – a local bar that’s majority owned by Jonathan, another coworker on the Netgen team. It didn’t take long to lose Erica there as well (but not until after a drink), but then we gained CJ, Walter, and a whole slew of other people. I was getting tired by then, so I headed home and ended up meeting up with Nick, his sister, and a bunch of her friends at our apartment.

Saturday evening Nick and I headed over to CJ’s house for a BBQ, where I met Ezar (a former Netgener, now working in MSN Music) and had some awesome hamburgers on a BBQ – CJ really knows how to cook. He’s also got quite an apartment.

Later that evening (around 9pm or so) were were planning on hosting our own little apartment-warming party, Mudder style. Nick and I each knew enough Mudders that we could comfortably fill the apartment, and inviting non-Mudders, we suspected, would make them feel a bit left out when the inevitable college tales were spoken. It made me sound like a bit of an ass leaving CJ’s so early telling everyone that I had another party to which they weren’t invited to, but I promised I’d invite them all another weekend.

Oddly, Greg decided that a 9pm party meant 7:30, so when we just got to CJ’s I had to explain to Greg why I wasn’t letting him in to our apartment. I invited him over the mile away at Capitol Hill, but to no avail – he left, and didn’t show up for the party at 9.

Numbers lowered, we still had Star, Kyle, Robin, Ross, and Angie over. We all had some wine and cheese (far less than I expected, however), and Nick and I got the chance to show off our apartment and city view at night. All in all, an enjoyable evening.

Today was really a day for slacking – Seattle finally cooled off by getting some cloud cover (and even a few drops of rain), so we hung out in the apartment, mainly farting around on our computers. I discovered a nice perk of our Speakeasy DSL – free Rhapsody radio streaming. It’s actually really cool – I make a radio station by listing up to 10 artists I like, and they stream high-bandwidth songs to me all I want from those artists and similar artists. It’s pretty much all stuff I like, I can skip songs if I want to, and their selection is pretty fantastic. I don’t know if I’d pay the normal $5/month for the service, but I’ll certainly use it as a bundled perk. Oh, and if you need Internet access, I highly recommend Speakeasy. They’re no-nonsense, smart, and about 4 blocks from my apartment so if things go bad we can just walk over to their office, kick butt and take names.

Dinner this evening was a fancy meal of Chicken Caccitore, steamed broccoli, and some white wine. Very yummy, and also generating lots of leftovers, so I know we’re fed for the next day or so dinner-wise.