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Paul Paradise

Spam doghouse: Sky Radio Network, American Airlines

One of the great things about owning your own domain name is that you can give different email addresses to different companies that ask for it, and track down the origins of your spam. One email address I use that’s particularly spammy, of course, is the address I have to give for WHOIS information when registering domain names. In the recent past, they’ve made it harder for spammers to get at these email addresses in bulk, but it’s still possible, and it doesn’t do anything for those of us who’ve owned various domain names for years.

There are only two sources of email I consider legitimate for those addresses:

  1. My domain registrar, if the email is about my domain names.
  2. Other internet citizens, if they are legitimately seeking the domain owner about something wrong (for example, an improper DNS setup) where they can’t otherwise find the appropriate contact information.

A few days ago I got a very legitimate-looking email from Sky Radio Network, who seems to provide content advertising for American Airlines in-flight magazines and video programming. It was sent to an address I know is only used for domain registrations, so I know they just bought some old list of companies to blast their message out to. If Sky Radio Network had taken the time to browse the site, find a contact form, and submit through there, I wouldn’t have even considered it spam. Too bad they’re lazy and proved their ineptitude.

Time Sensitive Material
Paradise, Paul

I am writing on behalf of Sky Radio Network, the nation's
leading in-flight media company, in regards to our upcoming
"America's Innovators and Entrepreneurs" Talk Radio Show
on American Airlines.

This special on-going radio series spotlights compelling
profiles of innovators and entrepreneurs -- from small
businesses to large enterprises -- the people and companies
that make up the backbone of business in America and are
rarely heard from.  This show will feature stories of hope, ideas
and success stories in ways you've never heard before.

I would like to personally invite you to participate in our special
program, which airs worldwide on American Airlines for a full
month reaching 4.2 million business and leisure travelers.  This
special advertorial opportunity requires a small production fee
(see participation details and costs below).

Our guests to date include:

Anthony Ambrose, General Manager, Intel
Craig Ellins, CEO, DigitalFX
Stephan Brant, Managing VP, Hitachi Consulting
Al Knapp, President & CEO, Ethanex Energy
Debbie Grodon, President & CEO, Snappy Auctions
Joy Flora, President, Merry Maids

To hear some of our current and past interviews, click on

Our production team will produce a dynamic one-on-one
interview.  Our writers will script everything in advance with
your final editorial control.  Your interview will air in a
continuous loop on 29,000 audio-equipped American Airlines
flights during the full month of October 2007.

Since we're on deadline, we're offering our last few spots on
our October 2007 edition for only $3,995 (normally $6,500).
Please note we're recording interviews by now and June 12th
and due to our tight deadline, we need a commitment to secure
your spot no later than noon PST on Wednesday, May 30th.

Your participation includes:

1. Production and placement of a 3-minute interview/profile
to air worldwide on "The Business and Technology Report" on
29,000 American flights reaching 4.2 million in October 2007.
** American Airlines is the world's largest airline and flies to
more destinations than any other airline.
Media kit:
2. Sky Radio's "America's Innovators and Entrepreneurs" program
listing in American Attractions (350,000 monthly copies).
** American Attractions has the greatest number of readers
and largest circulation of any in-flight publication.
3. Rebroadcast of interview on
with link to your site for 1 year.
4. Digital audio file of interview for promotional and marketing
5. "As heard on American Airlines" logo for airing of interview
on your website.
6. All turnkey production including scripting, recording, editing,
mastering and delivery.
7. Total cost for all of the above is $3,995 (normally $6,500).

Please contact me as soon as possible to reserve your interview
segment, as space is limited.  In the meantime, I encourage you
to visit our website to gain a better understanding of who we are
and the caliber of clients we represent.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Patricia Chi
Sky Radio Network
12155 Riverside Drive
Valley Village, CA 91607
818.754.6687 Office
310.594.9609 Mobile
818.301.2099 Fax

Producers of the #1 Talk Shows in the Sky and on the Web

Sky Radio Network is an independent producer contracted
to place business and lifestyles talk radio programming for four
major domestic carriers. If you'd like to call for a reference,
please contact the Executive Producer, Elizabeth Montgomery
at 818-762-6800 ext. 11.  To unsubscribe from our mailing list,
please reply to this email stating your intent.

Update: Sky Radio Networks called me on the phone.