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Paul Paradise

Sigg customer service

Sigg has had a two pressworthy incidents of bad news lately: one that their older bottles weren’t BPA-free as advertised, and a second that the credit cards of a number of their customers were stolen.

I’m among the supposed stolen credit cards. A bit of context: Sigg was using Network Solutions (the original domain name seller before others joined in the race, and still an overpriced waste) for credit card processing. It wasn’t actually Sigg’s website that was compromised, it was the site they used internally to handle credit cards and other payments. As someone who works on websites for a living, I have some sympathy for them – it’s really an unfortunate event that’s out of their control. In fact, I actually got two notifications from Network Solutions – another site other than Sigg suffered the exact same compromise. I certainly wasn’t blaming Sigg for the loss.

So imagine my surprise when I got a box from them, with a free Sigg water bottle in it and a letter apologizing for Network Solution’s screwup. I’m pretty happy with the outcome; I didn’t expect more than the legally-required notification, so seeing them do more than just hide behind their ecommerce partner’s faults was a nice touch.