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Paul Paradise

Off to Seattle to Meet the Microsofties

Tomorrow morning I’m headed up to Seattle for a 3-day retreat with the NetGen team. During that time I get to meet most of my future coworkers (and, oddly enough, my boss – who hired me sight unseen based on my coworker’s interviews with me!) and discuss what’s up next in the NetGen group. is already in beta and reaching production status, so it’s time for us to think up the Next Great Idea.

As long as Microsoft is paying for my plane ticket, hotel room, and rental car, I figured I’d do double-duty and spend some time apartement hunting. I’m still planning on getting a 2-bedroom apartment downtown with Nick Hertl, but as he’s in Europe right now I’ll be hunting on my own, and then hopefully he’ll do likewise in a week or two and we can pick a place to live then. I’m touring with an agency from 9am – 1pm on Thursday, so I’m not entirely sure where I’ll be looking, but some places I’d like to see include:

Site 17, Plan 503″ Centennial, Model 2B Elliot Bay Plaza, The Alaskan The Shelby, Belmont Sidney, Model 2B 2300 Elliot, Model 2A 2300 Elliot, Model 2B McGuire, Model 2A 2900 On First, Model 2A Fountain Court, Model 2A The Olympus, Type 54 The Olympus, Type 54 The Olympus, Type 54 Metropolitan Towers, Marc Metropolitan Towers, Mantegna Metropolitan Towers, Manet

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to tell you what those Ideas are, but I’m going to make an honest effort at updating this blog more frequently, so expect another entry or three with details on the trip.