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Paul Paradise

My USB Key is Well-Travelled

Last week, I took a few days off work and went down to San Diego to visit my parents. When I got back, I noticed that my USB key was missing, but wasn’t too concerned – I’ve misplaced it before, and it’s even survived at least one trip through the washing machine with no ill effects already.

However, today I got an email telling me that I definately misplaced my USB key.

In Germany.

Apparently, a very kind person found my USB key, noticed my “If Lost.txt” file on it, and emailed me. From Germany. She said she found it in the San Francisco airport, which is odd, because I flew directly from Seattle-Tacoma to San Diego, so I’m not really sure how she’d find it there. I don’t even know if I lost it on the way down to San Diego or on the way back to Seattle, but I think it’s safe to say I lost it in an airport.

There’s very little on it that I care about losing – I’ve got some random utilities I like to keep around on a key, and anything I’d rather keep to myself is encrypted on it. Given my key is all the way in Germany, I might just tell her to keep the key as a reward and ask nicely for the data back. I can’t imagine how long it’d take to mail it all the way from there, just to get a $20 key back.