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Paul Paradise

Moving a Car, The Hard Way

As my old car technically belongs to my parents and I’m getting a new one, my parents sold my car to some family friends in San Diego and paid to have it shipped back south.

On Friday, I got a call to pick it up, and arranged for the towtruck to pick it up on Saturday morning. Saturday rolls around, towtruck arrives, inspects the car, and takes it away.

Fast-track to Monday: I get a call from DAS that they had the car in Seattle and wouldn’t ship it until it was paid for. That’s funny, because we only got a quote from DAS and chose to go with United instead. It turns out that from only getting a quote, they arranged for pickup and everything, and only asked for money once they had the car in their possession.

From what I can tell, we’re going to use DAS anyways, because it’s the path of least resistance. At least they’ve agreed to the lower price United quoted, but I still think they’re a terrible company for what they did.