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Paul Paradise

Life at blist, 6 months in

I haven’t been blogging much lately, because I’ve been heads down in my work at blist. (You can also see me blogging on the blist blog – I’m due for another post there sometime soon, I think…) Halloween marked my 6-month work anniversary, which technically means I’ve now had the same manager at blist for the average time I did at Microsoft. (I had 7 managers in 3.5 years, or roughly a new manager every 6 months.)

Things at work are really coming together nicely – our team has really gotten into a groove with an ambitious but sustainable development pace, and our estimates (we informally use Scrum) are really starting to line up with reality now. Kevin, our CEO, and Matt, our marketing guru, have drummed an amazing amount of PR so far – if you follow the Seattle Startups rankings, you can see that we’ve shot up 22 spots to 81st place in the current rankings, and we haven’t even released a product yet!