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Paul Paradise

Bank of America's Music on Hold

So I’ve sitting on hold with Bank of America (36 minutes and counting!), and listening to the muzak they’re playing in the background. As is typical of music on hold, they have someone saying “Thank you for your patience, you will be assisted momentarily. Please, stay on the line.” That’s all fine and dandy – they even keep the background music going so you can enjoy the muzak uninterrupted.

I’m sitting there listening to that blissfull muzak, and all the sudden the music goes away, and I hear a new voice on the line. I get to speak to a real human being! What does she tell me that’s so important as to interrupt my muzak? “All representatives are still assisting other customers. Please continue to hold for the next available representative.” And then the muzak returns.

Would someone like to explain what the point is of two levels of “you’re on hold” messages? I don’t even like one level (but hey, at least that one compliments the muzak!), but what’s the point of getting my hopes up by making the muzak go away?

44 minutes and counting. I think I’m going to hang up soon and bitch them out later.