Spam followup: Sky Radio Net

On Tuesday, I got a call from someone at Sky Radio Networks on my cell phone. (Unfortunately, I missed the name of the caller, and when I asked later in the conversation, he didn’t want to provide it to me.) For the purposes of this post, let’s call him John. In total, John and I […]

Spam doghouse: Sky Radio Network, American Airlines

One of the great things about owning your own domain name is that you can give different email addresses to different companies that ask for it, and track down the origins of your spam. One email address I use that’s particularly spammy, of course, is the address I have to give for WHOIS information when […]

Google’s customized homepage URL

Dear Lazyweb, Google recently updated their customized homepage to include themes. This reminded me of a long-nagging question I’ve had about this service: why is the URL for it I don’t know what “ig” stands for in this context, other than being short, easy-to-type, and hard-to-remember. Other similar services all have similarly short but […]

A glimmer of hope for American personal finance

In college, some of my favorite courses weren’t computer science, they were finance courses. There are no minors at Mudd, but if there were, I was pretty close to getting one in economics. I’ve been following the bull market of the past few years, along with more gloomy details on subprime mortgages, inflation, our national […]

Windows Desktop Search 3.01 Released

It’s been a long time since I posted, so I figured I’d de-lurk and mention that we just shipped Windows Desktop Search 3.01 to the world today. Brandon has many of the details, but the short release notes include built-in support for indexing networked volumes, more group policy support, and a smorgasbord of bug fixes. […]


I went home for a three-day weekend in San Diego, taking advantage of a “work optional” day in my group at Microsoft. It’s been a long time since I’d been down in San Diego; the combination of sunny weather in Seattle during the summer and having Margot in town for her internship gave me much […]