I just had a surprisingly positive experience with Google Calendar support

A month or two ago, they rolled out a new (very slick, IMO) calendar UI that broke one feature: the ability to type the time of an event in the description and have it update the actual time, stripping it from the description as you save. I used the Send feedback functionality to tell them […]

Installing Ubuntu in KVM using only a text console

I recently updated some CentOS machines to version 5.4, which finally comes with KVM in addition to Xen. I wanted to boot up a few Ubuntu VMs using this new tool. There are a handful of resources out there that show how to use virt-install to create a Ubuntu guest on a KVM machine, but […]

A better del.icio.us bookmarklet

Post to delicious Unlike the default del.icio.us bookmarklet, this one automatically takes the selected text and uses it as the “notes” field in your delicious bookmark. If you tend to quote a paragraph from the page you’re bookmarking, this saves some time using copy-paste. Thanks to Jesse Ruderman’s bookmarklet site for the inspiration – I […]

UNIX shell tricks: find the escape sequence a keypress

If you ever need to figure out what escape code is generated when you press Ctrl-Left Arrow on a random terminal process, try the following: cat > /dev/null <press your random key sequence here, followed by enter> You’ll end up with the escape sequence being printed directly to the terminal window. This is useful when […]

Comcast DVR downgrade: TV Guide replaces Microsoft

For the past few months, Comcast has been sending me emails, postal mails, and at one point, even having an automated system call me to inform me about the impending DVR upgrade. I was excited: one of the promised fixes as part of the update was the “DVR hangs while fast forwarding” bug, which was […]

Sky Radio Network: First Spam, now Astroturf?

Just when I thought my issues with Sky Radio Network had blown over, it appears they’ve gone and shot themselves in the foot again. For those of you not familiar with the case, Sky Radio Network sent me an unsolicited email back in May, and they were relatively unrepentant about it. Now, almost two months […]