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Monthly Archive for November, 2003

I’m Spoiled Rotten

My car arrived.

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Moving a Car, The Hard Way

As my old car technically belongs to my parents and I’m getting a new one, my parents sold my car to some family friends in San Diego and paid to have it shipped back south. On Friday, I got a call to pick it up, and arranged for the towtruck to pick it up on […]

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Matrix: Revolutions

Without giving away anything to everyone who haven’t seen it yet, I was underwhelmed. At least I got free nachos, drinks, and they gave me real change back on the fake money for concessions.

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Flu Shots

Back at Mudd, I paid $10 or $15 and waited in line for an hour to get a flu shot. Here at Microsoft, I paid $5 and waited for one person in front of me to get their shot. Total time, including getting from my office to the room they were doing the shots: 5 […]

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