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Monthly Archive for August, 2003

First Code!

I just wrote my first bit of code here at Microsoft. Just a simple code cleanup, but after 3 full weeks of reading and learning about programming for Windows, I’m glad I’m finally getting to do something other than sit in a corner and read. :-) Things are settling down both here and at home, […]

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The Latest Buzz

For some reason, Nick and I have been finding a bunch of dead bees on the floor of our kitchen for the past 2 days, about 5 total so far. They appear to be crawling out from under the fridge, and barely able to fly. The one live one I’ve found so far I had […]

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Moving to Seattle

It’s 8pm on Thursday evening when I started to write this, which was really the first chance I’ve had for some downtime in a long while. In a way it’s boring, but in a way it’s nice to not have anything to do. It’s a long entry, and I’m just now finishing it on Saturday. […]

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That’s a damn big boat

My entire view of the Elliott Bay is currently being blocked by a cruise ship. It’s about 2 city blocks long, and tall enough that it’s coming above all the 5-story buildings between me and the waterfront.

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