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Monthly Archive for July, 2003

Laziness is a Virtue

According to Streets and Trips, my temporary housing assignment is 262 yards away from work. I think I’ll walk.

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Viva, Las Vegas!

I’m off to Las Vegas with Margot. Here’s hoping that I don’t burn up to a crisp in the dessert sun – for reference, here’s the latest weather:

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Things I Learned This 4th of July

Cooking Pecans at 350 degrees for 5 minutes causes lots of smoke and fire alarms. The bumpers of Ford Mustangs come off very easily. Hope everyone had a happy, safe, 4th of July!

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Santa Claus is Coming, to $SHELL…

Found this on fortune on OpenBSD 3.3: better !pout !cry better watchout lpr why santa claus < north pole > town cat /etc/passwd > list ncheck list ncheck list cat list | grep naughty > nogiftlist cat list | grep nice > giftlist santa claus < north pole > town who | grep sleeping who […]

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It’s been about 10 years since I last did a puzzle – you know, the picture that gets cut up into 500, 1000, or even 1500 pieces that you have to piece together by hand? In today’s age of ultra-realistic 3-D computer games, I get this feeling that standard puzzles are a dying breed – […]

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