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Monthly Archive for April, 2003

First Run of Vivid Condoms

Digging through the referrers for the family business website, I stumbled across this article from Adult Video News. I may be a CS major and a geek, but this stuff is still cool.

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My Dorm Eats Too Much Candy

As proctor at Mudd, one of the things I supply to my dorm is candy and condoms. For most dorms, that’s about an equal split – you’ll have to check each respective bowl every week or two for refills. My dorm is special. I just spent the past hour scouring Target, Wal-Mart, and Vons in […]

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Job Decision

So I decided to work for Microsoft. This comes as quite a surprise to me, for a few reasons: I love San Diego, and really don’t want to live elsewhere. I’m a Linux zealot. I’ve personally converted a handful of people to Debian from both Windows and other Linux distributions. Why the change? Am I […]

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